Most of my figure drawing is done in local life drawing groups. The sessions last for two hours, minus time for regular model breaks, and so I rarely finish a piece. Using ball-point pen, it takes a long time to fill in a page (most of the paper that I use is 11” x 14”). I usually have time only for some central details.

The drawings here are samples from a range of years. Some of these have been featured in various gallery shows. Mostly, I do figure drawing just to stay in practice, to keep up my skills with the pen.

These are all done with my favorite medium: the Bic pen (Round Stic model, medium point, black ink). With pen, there’s no going back, and no room for error. Every last line or mark that I put down is there for good. Still, I love ball-point pen. I think that I can achieve with a pen pretty much everything other artists can achieve with a pencil (except erasing, of course). I also find it to be a democratic medium—it shows that you don’t necessarily need fancy art supplies to create fine art. Great things can be achieved with ordinary office supplies.

Male Figure Unfinished Life Drawing #1 Unfinished Life Drawing #2 Angel Unfinished Life Drawing #3 Unfinished Life Drawing #4 Unfinished Life Drawing #5 Unfinished Life Drawing #6