When drawing scenes like landscapes or buildings, I sometimes work from life and sometimes from photographs (sometimes a combination). Photos help when a drawing (or series of drawings) involves more time than I can be at a particular place (such as the scenes of Nantucket). “Cathedral” is a drawing of Munich Cathedral, which I’ve never seen in real life; I drew it from a small picture in a book about Germany (and added my own touches and flavor). “Graveyard in the Snow,” on the other hand, was drawn from life—from the driver’s seat of my car, after I pulled into a local cemetery one snowy morning and liked this particular view.

The big hotel shown in some of the drawings is the Mount Washington Hotel on Route 302 in central New Hampshire. I’m working out a deal to have prints and cards of these images available in the gift shop there.

The other series shown here is of historical Nantucket sites. There are a couple of views of the harbor, a couple of views of the old windmill, a view of the Brant Point Lighthouse, and a view of the Jethro Coffin house (the oldest house on the island), and a view of the Wheelhouse, where we stay when we visit. These drawings are all available as note cards and postcards, sold in the Museum Shop of the Nantucket Historical Society. With this series, I tried to capture the feel of an older Nantucket, a piece of the grey, misty, whaling past. The island is often pictured as a bright and cheery summer destination, but I see a different aspect of its soul.

Brant Point Lighthouse Graveyard In the Snow Commissioned house portrait 1 Commissioned house portrait 2 Mt. Washington Hotel Nantucket Harbor Nantucket Harbor Cathedral In the Snow Mt. Washington Hotel Mt. Washington Hotel Mt. Washington Hotel Oldest Building Wheelhouse Windmill Windmill